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My sister Destiny Danielle is asking for friends to please share this. This our cousin in law he has been wrongfully accused in the state of Arizona!!! We know him and have been around him and this is false accusations against him!!! Share share share please if you have a heart share!!!
# FreeTrei
# WrongfullyAccused

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From the heart of my loving and caring mother ? :

Many of you have asked, What did he do? The answer is NOTHING! Yet, you all want to know what was he accused of doing. It isn’t that we want to keep a secret but rather we have to give him the best possible defense. Last night I made a decision that THIS is the ONLY way that my child will have the voice he needs to empower change. The story is long and Yes, it is off our perception however I can tell you upfront what I did wrong- Not follow My motherly intuition and try to be fair to a child I felt got a rough hand in life. Being different is hard I know I walk around with one arm and see how people respond. I told my kids to look within. To understand I have to start by sharing who I am. Despite what the world is doing I believe in love, caring and growth. I believe that you need to be honest and that honesty is about admitting your faults. So I consistently check myself when I fall short of what I believe my purpose is. My family has been through a tremendous amount of pain since 2015 when the kids lost their father and I my companion, and their grandfather and finally their great uncle. It caused a ripple effect and my oldest son got this notion that he could make my load lighter if he provided for himself. Of course this is a challenge for any 16 year old. I recognized signs of withdrawal from life, increased justification of actions, and defiance and anger. He was never physically or verbally disrespectful he said yes ma’m and acted like he was obedient. When I had to work ( and do to the loss of income and burying his father with no insurance, not to mention becoming the new owner of his debt- I was in a financial crisis so working extra was mandatory for my family to survive ) he did what he thought was best. Selfishly my son and I focused on him and finances. I can admit that my attention was there and yes I blame myself the most for the misfortune that has befallen my family . As his older brother spiraled of control and I pleaded to juvenile courts that he needed structure and they were doing nothing and his actions came to a head Trei had turned a corner. No longer was he this preteen kid who followed his older brother and sister around only wanted to be around me and was oblivious to the world; he begin to develop his own personality and became like most teenagers aware of society and what they thought of him. This was complex because he had a learning and developmental disability that has been documented almost since birth. His social cues are hit or miss. He says and does inappropriate things because of the timing he does them in. For instance if you were in jail for a something like Trei would you be worried about your snapchat streak? No! But he is! It isn’t that he doesn’t care but in his mind it’s black and white- I didn’t do this therefore I shouldn’t be here and I want to do what I like to do in life. By now you guessed it , he becomes fixated on one subject but more importantly on how he views or rather comprehension of something. Another example is when he was at school a little girl joking referred to herself as a ho* he said your not a garden tool. Teacher requested that he stop , that he was saying a derogatory word and Trei argued no a ho is a garden tool. He became fixated that the definition was right. He was asked to leave his class and continued the banter at the guidance office. When the school called me to redirect him he was adamant that he had done nothing wrong, although most kids would know they were in trouble . He wasn’t being a smart Alec it was his belief and if you ask him to this day it is still his belief. He wasn’t looking at how the girl originally used the word but instead the word itself and the true definition. By now your saying lady get to the point! BUT PLEASE READ THIS IN IT’S ENTIRETY!!!! I am telling you the background so you can look through my child’s eyes and see for him what we would respond with and know better than to do, he wouldn’t fully.
As hormones kicked in the more he desired to be “normal”. He loathed school because he was in a self contained classroom so I fought to get him some out classes. He mimicked other kids behavior and how they dressed so he could “fit in”. He avoided anything academically so no one would know and was frequently late to his IEP “special classes” so no one knew. 10 minutes of conversation and you knew something was different about him but because of his social awkwardness many things he does, others find humorous. He flowed with that. Ok you now should have enough insight about my kid-lets get to the details that really matter. Around a year after his father died a mom + 4 kids moved down the block. The kids became fast friends with our family, mom even asking me to help watch the kids and I did. This stopped because she refused to pay me. But I still looked out for the kids most days they were left with their older brother (15) who became fast friends with Trei. For my son it was his first true friend. Conflict first arose when the kids mentioned My oldest son was their Mom’s boyfriend. In hearing this I thought it was a joke like poop talking. Until one day she banged on my door like a jilted lover and I knew this was a fact. When I told her my son’s real age ( he told her 18 although in my mind it’s still too young for a 30 something mother!) she turned gray. She denied better than Bill Clinton but he had intimate details. I decided since he lied and clearly after knowing , that she would now behave like he was a child but no. She smoked weed with my oldest son and we had text wars about her behavior. I told my kids absolutely no interaction! Trei sunk into depression he was banned from his first friend my heart broke I bent I said that they could hangout but only at our house. Well his friend (we will call him D) couldn’t because he was babysitting her kids while she went out and when she worked. I bent again wanting my own child to be happy I justified to myself it’s only four houses down. As time went on the two boys got closer and closer they did everything together. The only complaint was his siblings. My son couldn’t stand the oldest daughter he complained frequently that she was always in his face and that his friend D had to consistently tell her to go sit down. There would be Interaction with the other child’s mother that were vastly negative she would accuse our family when her home got a broken into ( although all we did was drive the kids to school because they missed the bus and Mom wasn’t home)she later found out that neighborhood kids broke into her house but to satisfy her I even let the police walk through prior to them learning who did it. It was constant drama and for me I wanted no part of her so she was not even allowed to talk to me. I had a cousin who came to stay with me who is 19 he also went down the street she also sleptWith him. This caused conflict in my home since my son has slept with her first this poured out into the street when her knew thug lover of and my neighbor became privilege to see the ignorance I felt like I had moved to the ghetto instead of a quiet area in Tollison Arizona. The children continue to be on monitored in a sense that she was hardly ever at home. As conflict began to brew in her home she moved her son (my son Friend) into the garage. My son would go back-and-forth from our home getting Water and snacks stating that it was so hot in the garage because of the middle of the summer he had passed out several times. I told him that it wasn’t healthy for him to be in the garage but he wanted to be with his friend and he stated that the door was cracked slightly so that they could breathe. I again outlawed the home but as kids will do he did it anyway while i was at work. I bent again the worse decision of my life! Now my son friend had a younger sister who is either 11 or 12 I’m not quite sure I was unaware that she was allowed to have friends over and the mother wasn’t present as well as her brother or maybe the kids just did it without their mothers permission on this part I’m uncertain and don’t want to lie. Either way this is what caused the trouble. During the times that these young ladies were over there the child we’re going to refer to as D begin to date his sisters friend. Clearly there is an age difference because he’s 15 and this child is no more than 12. They begin to do inappropriate things together. This was all in the presence of the younger children in the home who are four, six, his sister and Trei. DressAfford garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue
On 6/6/17 I received a text message from the young man’s mother saying that Trei was no longer allowed to the house because he was inappropriate.

This was her text :

Hey sorry to have to contact you. But Trei was at my house yesterday after I said he was not allowed. He was over being nasty. These are 11 year old girls. He needs to stay away because about him trying to touch my daughter I will call the police. He is in high school he needs to find girls his age not my daughter and her friends. I'm tired of my sons stuff coming up missing and I'm tired of all the drama. So they need to stay away from each other.

Heres my reply:

It's funny that you never try to get facts you just make assumptions and wonder why you have drama smh. First your daughter has been in Trei/Malik's face to the point that I TOLD MY BOYS TO NOT BE ALONE WITH HER including not playing because she hits them. I understand that it is hard to believe your children lie but suga you need to investigate what you are being told! I have heard your daughter with my own ears say stuff to your son like I'll tell mom this or that if you don't let me.... she KNOWS THAT YOU WONT INVESTIGATE SHE KNOWS YOU CAN BE MANIPULATED! To address D’s things WHY WOULD MY KIDS WHO HAVE NEWER MODEL IPHONES STEAL HIS ??? We including me tried to help him log back in to appleid to locate it we spent hours looking for the phone....just like when you accused us of robbing you... IT MAKES NO SENSE there isn't anything that you buy your kids that my kids can't get lol but you seem to think someone wants something from y'all. Kids are irresponsible they lose and break stuff WE ARE SUPPOSE TO TEACH THEM RESPONSIBILITY SO U MAKE HIM EARN IT NEXT TIME NOT BEAT YOUR KID PUT HIM IN THE GARAGE IN 110 degree weather thats NOT PARENTING SO WHAT YOU NEED TO CALL THE POLICE ABOUT IS YOU CUZ ITS CALLED CHILD ABUSE!! DONT THREATEN ME EVER WITH POLICE I AM NOT SCARED I WORK WITH THEM DAILY I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! And if YOU WATCH YOUR KIDS THEN YOU WOULD SEE WHATS GOING ON JUST LIKE THE BABY WALKED TO MY HOUSE BY HERSELF YOUR OLDEST GIRL WAS AROUND THE CORNER NOT PAYING ATTENTION IN A LITTLE BOYS FACE... but hey you have to LEAD BY EXAMPLE! THEY HOLD D HOSTAGE ITS THEIR WAY OR THEY GET HIM IN TROUBLE NOW I HAVE HELD MY TONGUE SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU Can't CALMLY TALK OR BE Civilized but I DONT WANT TO BE PETTY AND PUNISH KIDS FOR ADULTS LACK OF MATURITY BUT I GIVE UP! You wanna search my house my car call the police please do because at this point i need a report before i lose my cool u say crap out your mouth are ALWAYS IN THE MIDST OF DRAMA KIDS AND ADULTS YOU EVEN HAVE TO HAVE CAMERAS IN YOUR HOME TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!
But please stop your shenanigans! Buying kids stuff doesn't make you a mom learning your kids does yesterday your children knocked on my door 15 times where were you? How in the hell would I assume that Trei was not allowed to be at your house!? From now on HE WILL NOT BE AND SINCE WE LOVE TO THROW POLICE SHOULD I SEE THE KIDS IN HARM INSTEAD OF JUST REDIRECTING THEM AS A COMMUNITY SHOULD I WILL ALSO REPORT IT TO THE POLICE BUT ONE LAST FAVOR POR FAVOR LOSE THIS NUMBER TY

These texts are verbatim except removing her childs name

While my stance with her was one thing my conversation with my son was another. He denied the allegations and even admitted that D was talking to the young girl that the young girls parents was letting a 18 boy stay with them who was dating the other underage sister. He stated that he knew D was being sexually with the girl but he wasn’t so he didn’t do anything he just played the game and went to sleep because of the heat. Trei said one day in D’s room he woke up and his sister was on him he said everyone was laughing but he was mad and he pushed her off of him. According to my son he said he was fully clothed But he he vehemently denied anything else happened.

This interview I did I recorded I cannot release it because the kids names are in it but if I find a way to release without that I will!

You can here firsthand

This went to juvenile court from 6/17 until 12/19/17 - my child was in my custody there was no contact with the other family and we even moved.

Juvenile court felt Trei didn’t understand and he couldn’t so they ordered restoration. It is a program that allows a child to be taught slowly what his rights are and the nature of the criminal system etc... on 12/18/18 a psychiatric deemed my son incompetent but restorable. The prosecutor felt like my son was malingering ( a fancy way to say faking) although 2 out of 3 psychiatrists agreed he wasn’t. The state has a right to Direct file ( send to Adult court) they had already on 12/5/17 I was served on 12/18/17 and he had to go get fingerprinted on 1/2/18 at court on 1/4/18 the prosecutor lied ( he doesn’t get the same lawyer he had in juvenile court he met his public defender approximately four minutes before the judge called his name and she wasn’t even aware of the entire situation just a brief recap from us) stated there were 7 victims and that the charges were from October 2016-July 2017
They charge my son with 24 counts of sexual misconduct on a minor on various levels including several counts of kidnapping. ( His previous lawyer said “ They charge him with any and everything and hopes something sticks”) The prosecution wanted the judge to deem him unbondable the judge denied this but set this ridiculous bond


Me being the mother than I am I have a copy of the police report in the report it stated that the sister of my son friend stated he forced her

The children were seen at Children’s Hospital there is no evidence of force trauma matter fact there Hymans are in place!!!!

The four-year-old said “Trei raped my sister and used the vulgar word for male genitals”

What four year old understands or knows the term rape or the street name for male genitals?

The police report basically is comprised of unsure accounts of the kids. Not wanting to implicate their own brother.

Not to mention-this 18 year was never interviewed or mentioned!

Now to make sure that we account for all things and not to appear like we are perfect or hiding facts. My oldest son, Malik is facing the consequences of his choices- in jail awaiting to be sentenced for armed robbery. I want to say I AM EQUALLY PROUD OF BEING HIS MOM and I stand with him but I do not condone wrong so he must as the elders say swallow his medicine. I have NEVER asked a soul to help with him other than to pray for change. He has been able to see error in his decisions. My point I am objective I understand the need for consequences even though he is my child! He knows this! I won’t abandon him and I forgive and still love him. This should not taint or be an argument for Trei or even my parenting. I raised 5 had 3 naturally the other are my siblings my brother and sister are independent my daughter who is my eldest child is a Junior in college on the Presidential list consistently since entering college! This too is irrelevant what is not is the fact that there is beyond a shred of reasonable doubt. Now here’s the corrupt part we cant afford a attorney the public defender talks to my son (knowing he is incompetent based on a psychiatrist from the state) and tells him it is in his best interest to plea! the public defender doesn’t even have all the evidence, his client says he is innocent and you tell him that his best option is to plea. I have called numerous times and not one call to me, Sound like justice? No!

What my family is asking for:

While my son is incarcerated they can use things against him that he may not even understand that they are against him normal things that people say are taken out of context because you no longer have any right he is unaware that these rights no longer exist to him. They are also able to mess with him and say things to him that could incite a reaction such as placing him in an area with Sex offenders. He is scared to sleep, eat or even bathe. He keeps saying mom but they told me they really did it I didn’t get me out!

If you have please donate: We have to pay for calls, food, shoes, hygiene and medical

I am the only provider for my family

We would like to get him out to not traumatize a innocent child

If you cannot donate: please share send to the news cry your outrage with us.

If you can help and want more information please inbox me and I will gladly talk one on one

If you are a lawyer you know that public defender are overwhelmed they are encouraged to get a plea please please get his information and take the case pro bono we shouldn’t be punished for being like most people in the working class.

The prosecution wants me to be shamed by the charges it wants me to remain silent in a while innocent child to go to jail as his mother and despite the wrist to my own career in nonprofit in counseling I am standing here letting you know that if I thought something was wrong with my child and this way I would seek help for him myself. I will not be silent I will deal with the negative comments and any negative impact of whatever consequences that writing this comes but I will not ever be silent I will never stop fighting for my child and I will always maintain that he is innocent.

Make this go viral # freetrei

Thank you and many blessings

"Nothing is Impossible even the word itself says I'm Possible"