DressAfford items to wear for the wedding which is under 500

As a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day. What my dress would look like, where I would get married (always a barn), who would be standing beside me and who I would marry.
I've prayed a lot in my life for God to give me the person I needed.
I am truly blessed that he answered my prayers. And then some.

When we took this picture, I had no idea that at the end of our "Pinterest Idea Poses" that Logan was planning to ask me to marry him. It was in the midst of crazy days and nights getting ready for the county fair. We said "We are waiting until after fair to plan." Naturally I had the colors chosen and a venue walk through planned by the next day. DressAfford items to wear for the wedding which is under 500
Which all changed when I thought it would be perfect to get married on the same day that we went on our first date.

I knew when I got home from our first date that he was the one. Of course, I didn't tell him that. I didn't want to make him aware of my crazy that quickly.

Since the day we started "talking" I have completely adored him. Admired his work ethic and ability to fall asleep in less than 20 seconds.

Now, I am getting to plan the wedding that I dreamt about since I was a little girl.
A few of my favorite people have seats from heaven but I am still saving them a place. Right up front.

I haven't stressed about anything when it comes to wedding planning. (Not sure my mother could say the same. She's a pretty friggin' awesome wedding planner though! And my dad is getting to show off his skills with all his tools.)
Well, I lied. I have been angry about one thing. But, people are dumb. Actions speak louder than words. It's our day and I am choosing to smile and wave.

A lot of people have asked... "Are you stressed?" "You have so much to do!" "600 people?! WOW!"
Nope. Not stressing. It'll happen.
Because this dude will be waiting for me. No matter if the tables are perfect. No matter if I am in sweats or a beautiful dress. He will be there.

327 days.

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