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If this story doesn't bring tears to your eyes, well it should!

Elaine Roth-Nichols to Lost & Found Pets of Sumner County, TN 49 mins ·

Hi Everybody!
We're posting this so you can understand who will be caring for Sammy:

A little over two years ago...

I'm Raymond Purr. If you don't know my story, I was found severely burned when I was approximately seven weeks old. A nice lady found me and handed me over to Nancy at Country K -9 Rescue in Lebanon, Tennessee. I was taken in by my mums shortly thereafter and received continual medical care for weeks after they took me in. Sometime later, my adoption was finalized and my mums became (in an official capacity) My mums! Mum-E (Elaine) is my main mum, and Mum-R (Ramona) is my other mummy. I love them both, but Mum-E handled most of my intensive care. My burns were severe and encompassed all of my abdomen, one side of my face and the opposite mouth corner, one front leg, and one rear, and the pads of my feet. Two pads were burned worse than the others. My hair was intact at first so they knew it wasn't an open flame that burned me. It was as if someone shoved me down on a large hot plate or skillet. There was some speculation as to whether this occurred on a hot engine, but we feel strongly that someone inflicted my injuries deliberately. It was not known immediately that I was burned, until my hair and skin began to fall away. Imagine a tiny kitty that would just fill a coffee mug, burned nearly to death. The vets had to make a decision, whether to give me a chance, or not... Three wonderful ladies (Aunties Nancy, Lorna and Laura) and the vets at Cumberland Animal Hospital, managed my care until my mums came to take me home with them. Then it was trip after trip to the vets until I was released into their care permanently. I have come a long way since I arrived here. When my mums first brought me home on August 12th, I was wrapped up like a mummy. I required frequent dressing changes and couldn't use a litter box or stand on my own. The first few times I used the litter box for... big business.. Mum-E had to hold me up and I screamed in pain because my tummy hurt when I strained. Fortunately, all that soon got easier, and, soon after that (even in bandages) I began to play. My mums knew I had way more heart and strength than any little creature they had ever seen. That earned me the moniker, Super Ray-Ray. Mum-E even made me a little blue cape with my initial on it! While I was wrapped so tightly (quite literally so my insides would remain intact) My behind looked bigger than my top half, which earned me my nickname (Figgy Bottom.) My friends have grown in dedication and number and many (miraculously!) hail from far away places around the globe. These supportive friends helped me to heal, and gave my mum the strength to keep going through the rough times. In the process, we have all grown very close, like a family close. Most of the same friends check on me through Facebook every day, but perhaps we shall have some new friends come aboard, which is the purpose of this post. Please tell your friends our story, and perhaps they will share it, and on and on... People need to know that Miracles DO INDEED HAPPEN. I'm living proof! a line mother of the bride dresses
To All those who have loved, supported and worried over me, and wondered if I would survive, WE DID IT! But we couldn't have made it without you. For any "Newbies" you will see this group is a miracle in unto itself. Stick around and you will learn that the healing isn't just for one little black cat.
Hope everyone has a wonderful night. We'll be chatting soon! Love you All,

Super Ray-Ray