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Lisa was 19, she always dreamed of having a baby

For a while she couldn’t get pregnant, the doctor said “I’m not sure but maybe”

Married for five years, Lisa just turned 24

And on a warm summers morning, she got sick like she never had before.

Nine months later a beautiful baby girl was born, Lisa named her Hope Lee

She was everything she ever wanted, she would cry tears of joy as her baby would sleep

Lisa never hesitated to get her anything that she wanted

She’d say “you’re my precious miracle baby, my precious only daughter”

Ballet and choir practice, Lisa never missed a beat

Every breath she ever took was for her, she was the very reason that she breathed.

But when Hope turned 17, she started to change a lot

She stopped dance and singing practice, telling her mom she just forgot

Lisa tried to help Hope, fearing she was losing her daughter

But tough love did not seem to work, not even stern talks from her father

Lisa found a needle in Hope’s jeans one day, her heart sank down to the floor

A couple of days later she received a call,
“Mam please come down to the morgue”

And there laid her baby, cold as ice to the touch

Screaming, Lisa fell on the ground saying “I love you baby, so much!”

Lisa buried her baby girl, in her favorite purple dress

Without enough money to cover the funeral costs, she laid her daughter to rest

Lisa’s husband started a gofundme, to cover the funeral expenses

He never knew that this type of thing would be this expensive......

Lisa checked the page often, it was nice for people to help

Then the comment started rolling in “that junkie did it to herself”

And “wow what a great mom, your kid died because of you!”

“Maybe if you were a better parent and loved her more, that junkie would’ve been better too”

Hope’s picture was shared on Facebook, saying fly high in rest in peace

And as Lisa read the comments, she was struck with disbelief.

“Junkies don’t go to heaven, I’m glad another is dead”

“ Great job mother earth, natural selection at its best!”

Lisa sobbed holding Hope’s baby pictures, screaming “She was my baby girl!!”

“She wasn’t just a junkie, she was my entire world!”

See, this is based on a true story, so never forget that every addict you judge...

Is someone’s niece, nephew, grandchild, someone’s beloved daughter or son.

And please remember that words cut deep, as Lisa now struggles for the will to live

Be conscious how important it is, to have words of love to give....

Be aware of how you speak, with any given content

And remember if you have nothing nice to say- DON’T COMMENT!

I wrote this as a reminder to anyone who comments and says things like this online- you never know how deeply you can hurt another. To the mothers who lost their babies to addiction- be strong and know that what ever you lose on this earth is never forever lost- Chanda Lynn blush wedding dress