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Superhero : a man who is dressed in normal clothes but cooks his breakfast, lunch and dinner every night, who vacuums, cleans, does laundry, bakes cookies, dusts, waters the garden, does the shopping, is turning 88 this year (94-ish now), wears his heart on his sleeve, tells you he loves you, is forever in love with one woman, his woman, the one who has been gone for a year today. This superhero is my Grandpa. He has lived the last 365 days (6 years now) without the love of his life, my grandma and still a smile on his face, a soft grace filled heart and always a great story to be champion! boho wedding dresses online

Now, in 2018 - I wrote the above message in 2013. My Grandpa is still, and even more so a hero. His courage and grace to live each day, to believe the best of people, to dedicate his life to one woman, his woman, my grandma and to still beam to talk about her. Thankful for a man like this, who every single time I see him tells me he loves me. He is a champion!