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Please continue to pray for Lizzy and her family. We serve a miracle working God who loves Lizzy more than anyone.

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Update for prayer for Lizzy.

John has kept me posted on some new concerns for Lizzy and I truly appreciate you adding your faith with ours for answers and of course complete healing.

As any family can tell you who has walked this journey, it can feel like a roller coaster at times. Today is no different. John sent me this sweet picture of Lizzy this morning and captioned it, look who is all smiles this morning ? and now this afternoon he sits with Lizzy in D-Clinic for hours as doctors and nurses sit and scratch their heads as to how to treat Lizzy’s current condition. They keep starting and stopping medicines and as her caretaker, you can imagine how frustrating that can be.

First issue is her hands. One of the side effects from the oral chemo she has been taking is burning of the hands and feet. She has already endured this with the last chemo but this one has gotten worse. As you can see from the pictures below, which we hesitated to show you, they are blistering and cause her intense pain. She can’t get dressed on her own, she can barely hold a book, it hurts to wash them. It’s just plain miserable and not a great quality of life. So we have stopped the oral chemo. city hall wedding dress

Yesterday the decision was made to take her off of Methadone as it was totally knocking her out and again,not the best way to live life.

The last issue at hand for today is the swelling and sunburn redness around the areas that she is getting radiation on. Her whole right leg is burning and her left pelvis area. John asked the radiation doctor if he has seen this before and he said one other time. They believe it is a culmination of all the chemos she has taken reacting to the radiation.

They need wisdom.

I FaceTimed with John and Lizzy a bit and as I told Lizzy to be strong she broke down in tears. She misses me (she does the same thing when I’m with her and it’s Daddy she’s FaceTiming). I know this has got to be hard on her and yet for 90% of the time you will see a smile come through across her face. But it doesn’t mean she’s not hurting on the inside.

Before I had received this up date from John today, I was meditating on a certain part of the Bible today. I am glad I did as I know now how I must stand at this moment. The scripture was from Mark 16:15-18.

“...and they will recover.” That word “recover” just stood out to me today. I quickly googled it and then sent it to John. It brought such hope to my heart.

return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
"Neil is still recovering from shock"
synonyms: recuperate, get better, convalesce, regain one's strength, get stronger, get back on one's feet; More
find or regain possession of (something stolen or lost).

I know at times what we are doing, standing in faith that our daughter is healed, is almost laughable in the situation we are in. No, no one would actually laugh at us but I feel like we are literally climbing upstream. Yet as her parents, we are committed to believe for our daughter. We’ve got nothing else . And yet, we’ve got everything in just that.

We don’t have the doctors reassurance they can help our daughter anymore. We don’t have a natural cure out there (as of yet) that has proven to heal reoccurrence osteosarcoma. All we can do is stand on the promises from God that He does want her healed and has provided that for her.

And this is where we ask you to join us in our faith. Trusting in healing and miracles. Trusting in complete recovery.

We won’t give up as long as there is life in her and she desires to live. We can’t. We don’t know many parents who would.

So thank you for sharing her story, adding faith that one day the doctors will be amazed at her recovery and we will all get to rejoice together in that day.

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