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♪♫•*♫•♪♫ <3 JIMI FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS AND EARS BRH♪♫•*♫•♪♫ <3 VOODOO CHILD NY <3 Look at the past as a road of memories and the future as a path of untraveled dreams BRH <3 VOODOO CHILD NY, ROCK ON <3 ♪♫•*♫•♪♫ February 10, 1968 – Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California. Bill includes Soft Machine, Blue Cheer and Electric Flag (with Buddy Miles). During the afternoon the Experience jams with Buddy Miles, Harvey Brooks and David Crosby while trying out their new Sunn amps. “Good and loud,” responded Noel Redding. The band is paid $10,000 for their performance. 7,000 attendance.
Set list incudes Are You Experienced, The Wind Cries Mary, Up From the Skies, Red House, Purple Haze and Wild Thing. “An electric religion,” as one reviewer called it.
After the soundcheck and jam, the Experience heads over to open a new record store. Mitch Mitchell remembers, “In the afternoon we’d gone to open a record store next to where the Pandora’s Box Club had been, right by where Laurel Canyon starts. They’d made a giant Jimi Hendrix Experience poster that covered the entire frontage of the store. It really looked quite impressive.”
A review published in the Valley State Daily Sundial (16 February): “The current version of Suzy Creamcheese jumped on stage and began dancing, obviously very naked under a thin silk dress. Hendrix began a sham orgasm that caused the closest thing to a riot that a pop concert has ever experienced. Finally, while on his knees, he grabbed a knife out of his hat, slit the guitar strings, made like a calf roper and launched the mutilated Stratocaster against the projection screen, adding a wild touch to a fantastic light show. Los Angeles, and especially the staid old Shrine, will never be the same.” (Lifelines)
Michael Hubbard recalls, “In the winter of 1968, I attended a fabulous concert at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Shrine was a huge theater with a couple of balconies, a massive stage and so on. The evening in question was opened by the Soft Machine, followed by the Electric Flag. The headline act was the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was absolutely great – the Flag and the Experience were both in great form (I don't remember the Soft Machine all that well). I don't recall any jamming before, during or after the Flag's set at the Shrine. They were definitely playing well, but I also I felt that Hendrix put on a pretty incredible show. At one point a tripped-out woman jumped up on the stage and started dancing. Hendrix danced right along with her while the cops and security guards scrambled to get her down from the stage. Jimi was so fluid on stage – he was constantly in motion. I remember that he broke a string during a solo, and then swung his white Stratocaster around by the neck and let it fly. It arced high into the air and hit the back curtain just below the proscenium, which broke its fall as it slid down to the stage. A quick-witted roadie had another Strat in Jimmy's hands before the first hit the ground. It couldn't have been more perfect if it had been planned and rehearsed.” disney styled items to wear of the wedding