formal items in navy blue

Must Read Story : My I . T Sexcapades ( 18 +)
Episode 48

I arrived Drumstixs on a cab that was heading
to Berger. As I entered the place which I have
always passed but have never entered I was
surprised as I saw the beautiful surrounding.
I was still looking around when I saw a hand
waving and I saw Miss Lisa! I mean it took me
some while to realise she was the one, babe
was looking so hot and classy, thank God I
was not too casually dressed I would have
looked like her driver in the type of attire she
was putting on.
“Heyy you are here!” She exclaimed excited as
I came over to where she is. She planted a hug
on my smallish body as she bends.
“Yeah!” I answered jovially.
The first thing that caught my eyes were he
low cut dress that did well to expose her small
petite b-----s. The B---m kinda looked bigger
and I knew a wonderful push up have done a
wonderful work on the little tatas.
“So we order?” She asked me as she waved a
waiter over to our table.
“Anything you taking is my wish” I said cooly. formal items in navy blue
“Sure?” she asked with as I noticed the
highlights of her eyebrows.
“Yeah sure” I replied.
She ordered for Chicken and chips with apple
juice. When the waiter have taken the orders
and have left she turned to me and smiled
looking without saying anything.
“Why is this one smiling now?” I asked in my
She kept looking at me and smiling till I said.
“Heey stop making me feel uncomfortable”
with a feigned terror on mface.
She made a little laughter and asked “how are
you dear?”
“Am fine”
“Cool I know you’d be wondering why I called
you out here right?”
O lord! Older ladies have sense! She knew I
will be wondering and she said it unlike all
these teens that will want you to voice it out
“O yeah!” I said pulling forward to her.
“Well I know we have not been in good terms
for sometimes, I know I have bugged your life,
and I also have realised that my attitude
makes you uncomfortable , I want to say am
sorry” she stopped talking.
I gave her a go ahea look but she didn’t say
further so I spoke.
“No dear I don’t have anything against you,
infact I took everything that happened as a
mistake and since then Have forgotten it as I
see it as nothing anymore” I concluded.
“Thank you, I saw you yesterday looking so
bad and I also saw you were not so fine today
at work, but I was not chanced to ask you
what was wrong because of my manager so I
called you out here so we can discuss because
I truly care about you”
I sighed as I gave her a deep look without
saying anything and she edged me to speak
“So what happened to you”
“U was attacked by street robbers” I answered
simply as I saw a streak of terror flash
through her face.
“Why, what did you do? How manage?” she
asked all at the same time as I kept quiet not
knowing which to answer.
I saw the waiter coming with the orders and
when he dropped it Miss Lisa resumed her
question, taking it one by one now.
I explained to her the same lie I explained to
my madam and it had the same effect on her
as she asked if I have been receiving
treatment and stuffs of which I answered yes
to most of her question.
We ate the food as we talked small talks in
between and laughing at intervals. I was
surprisingly feeling free with her this evening
as she seemed so jovial and a good company.
After the meal I looked at my phone and saw
it was getting to 7:30 as I made my intentions
of leaving know to her but then she had
different plans.
To Be Continued…