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A GOOD MUSLIM and val day
Who is a Muslim ?
A Muslim were those who believed in oneness of Allah and that Muhammed is his messager and mentor.
What is valentine day,?
Val day is a celebration to remind ppl abt what happen to St. Valentine and what he did, so ,those who love him use the day(14 Feb) to remember nd celebrate him.
If you are a Muslim ,you don't need to celebrate St. val day , the day (val day) is full of sins , bad habit, and teaches bad manners, you wear red and white like sango or like one or is a festive in Egba land called Elefunlosi, don't say ;at least I wear ijab,or red niqab, Rosulullahi said who ever emulate one culture or one member , he or she is part of them,(hadith) grey bridesmaid dresses long
How many hadith and Quran av you read, ?
How many hadith's av you put into practicing ?
Parent! In what way, did you teach your children, ?education
How did you dress your children especially, female?
Hope you don't want your children to hinder you frm paradise?
Avoid wearing and celebrating the Valentines on every 14 of Feb and save FRM fitnah of duniyah, caution you children,
Valentine is baseless in Islam,
Valentine is meaningless in/to islam
Valentine Leeds to sins( jannomah)
Valentine teaches to overlove in a day
Everyday suppose to be love day , muhammed and Isa (Jesus) A,s) said always love your neighbor as you love yourself,even they practicalize it
Muhammad (s,a,w) have said it, Who ever did what I never did or says shall be child of hell
Who did you want to follow
1) Muhammed or
2) st Valentine