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So, I am not one to say anything about issues happening in the country, but this is something I have to talk about.

I attended a open invitation lecture today at school, and it dealt with a topic that everyone thinks about, but however never fully addresses. It was called, “Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines.” The main argument was the way media, whether it is movies, tv shows, music, ads, even comic books, portray women. It is always the same. They are dumbfounded, overly sexual, loosely dressed, in need of a male to defend them in moments of need, and so forth. Let me be the first to say that this is not true in any form. Women of all race, age, and appearance are the strongest being that planet Earth has. Oh, you don’t feel that way than think about this, God gave them the power to bring new life into this world. If you are a guy reading this treat your girlfriend, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother, etc. with the respect and honor that they deserve. They are not toys to manipulate into getting what you want. Be thankful to even be in there presence. Now on the other side, if you are a woman reading this, know simply this thank you for everything. I know sometimes you feel down, but know that you are far more superior and you are strong. You are powerful even when your are tearful. You are smart even when you don’t feel that way. Finally, you are loving even when you are upset. Guys, realize that your ideals of what women are is false. Girls, you don’t need a male to tell you that you are beautiful because you are. So, let’s all come to an agreement that, ladies, you are loved and cared for. Forget the media because it is make believe, and just be you. ladies evening dresses

If you believe in this message, please share it and tag a special woman in your life that feels down sometimes and needs the encouragement.

Peace and Much Love.