prom dresses for short girls

Friends, as you all know we run a community hub, do constant donation drive of household items, host events - all of which incur expenses constantly. Since last month, we are trying to cover these expenses by selling these brand new dresses that a generous boutique owner gave to us because she was closing shop and she wanted to help us out with our expenses. These are beautiful party gowns, cocktail dresses, traditional wears for men and women, clothes for covered ladies and lots and lots of beautiful wedding dresses. If you are my Facebook friend, you might have seen me wear some beautiful black dresses from this collection. We really want you all to come and see these dresses and help us sell them. Tell everyone that we have lots of party and casual wear plus 35 wedding dresses. ALL BRAND NEW. The best part is because they are for charity, they have no set prices, you value our work, set a price and if our volunteers like your price, you take the dresses home! Our volunteer prom dresses for short girls Hadeel Yousif has generously agreed to commit to selling these clothes while she is going to school full-time and family. If you can volunteer like Hadeel and help us sell these dresses, especially the wedding ones through kijiji or Facebook marketplace that would be very helpful. Imagine selling brand new thousand dollars wedding dress for just a few hundred - which bride wouldn't want that! You can see and buy all the dresses every Saturday 11-3pm at our community hub/warehouse at 6923 Farrell Road SE Bay 4. You can call Hadeel to make an appointment 4034661323 if you absolutely cannot make Saturday. Hope you can make it this Saturday!