satin ball gown wedding dress

Madeline POV :
I groaned as my alarm blared in my room spoiling my beautiful dream where I was getting married wearing beautiful cream colored gown.
Such a nice dream....
Stuffing my face in the pillow I smiled thinking about the dream. I was so near to see my future husband's face when this damn thing decided to ring crazily.
From the far he did look quite handsome broad shoulders and chest, tall height. He was wearing a black tux and waiting for me to walk down the aisle.
Damn alarm didn't let me catch the single glance of his face....
The door of my room opened making my head snap in the direction. There's standing non other than famous Delia in all her glory, wearing a flimsy little pink nightie, two larger rollers were set on her head probably to curl the extensions and last but not least there was a green mask pasted on her face.
"What are you doing still in bed? Get up and make breakfast for me". She ordered me in her snotty voice.
Getting up from the bed I glared at her hotly to show how angry I'm at her ordering tone. Walking to her I planted my hands on my hips and glared.
"I'm not your servant and if you want to eat go make your breakfast yourself by using your perfectly manicured hands". I said tilting my chin up like a stubborn kid.
A devilish smirk appeared on her face making me little uneasy at my earlier words.
"You know today is snowing and later there's chance of Storm. I don't think so you would want to walk school today". She said smiling sweetly in my direction.
Okay I generally don't mind walking to school but who in their right mind want to walk in the snow and when the pavement is sloppy and you have to take calculated steps like you're walking on the dynamites.
Just a last year to endure her torture than you'll be free to do whatever you want.
"Okay fine. Now leave my room". I said gritting my teeth.
"Good girl.I want cheese omelet with some toast and yeah coffee". She ordered me like I'm waiters of some cafe.
I didn't replied because I know it's her tactic of provoking me so she would have a reason to leave behind.
The thing is that we've two cars , one owns by aunt Emma and other one owns by miss snotty, I mean Delia.
Aunt Emma made this rule for us which includes Delia dropping me to school on the way of her college. But daily she fight with me then leave me to walk by myself to school, taking a car all by herself.
She left my room whistling like she has just won a jackpot by making me submissive for preparing the breakfast.
She graduated last year from the high school and now studying in some college near home but she still lives here. I thought she'll move out after the graduation and live with one of her boyfriends but "nah", my luck didn't work that well.
At least your school life is not much of héll now that miss snotty here is graduated. She ruined all the years of my school except kindergarten. She didn't attend the same kindergarten that I did.
Glancing at my alarm clock I cursed on my stupidity and ran towards my closet. Retrieving the black high waisted jeans I paired it with my plain white sweatshirt.
Getting inside the washroom I hurriedly did all the routine work and shrug the clothes on.
Combing my hair to untangle the knots I pulled them in a high ponytail and fixed them. Last I applied some moisturizer on my face and hands then lip balm.
Picking my black long boots I wiggled my foot in them. Taking the bag with my cellphone I venture down.
Putting my phone and bag on the counter I started preparing her cheese omelet and coffee which I know she wouldn't eat and I'll be the one end up stuffing it.
After fifteen minutes she came downstairs dressed in a red velvet dress with black leather jacket and her make up was too heavy, too slutty. Her pep toe black pumps made me gag.
Is she going college or some party at 8 in the morning. Who knows? You can't be sure of anything with Delia.
Placing her cheese omelet with toast and coffee on the counter I waited for her to take a bite.
Picking the fork she took the bite and spit it out.
"What the hell did you put in this? Was the cheese expired?". She glared at me.
"No. Nothing was expiry". I said taking the plate from her.
"Then why don't you eat it to prove your point". She said with her left eyebrow raised.
"Okay". I said stuffing my mouth with omelet and toast while she took the hesitant sip from the mug.
After five minutes I was done with the breakfast. Delia glared at me disapprovingly.
"You're so disgusting.How can you eat something so awful". She said.
"Well it wasn't disgusting.I think I just forgot to put salt in it and I don't like wasting food. Now c'mon get up I'm getting late". I said with the gesture of my hand and moved to take my bag and cellphone from the counter.
After fifteen minutes of drive she pulled off the car outside my school and shooed me out of the car.
I entered in the school building and my eyes caught Brandon leaning on his silver Audi in the parking lot with some of his friends. He's looking so handsome wearing black jacket with plain white shirt underneath and black jeans.
Well we're matching. How cute right?
No. Not cute at all.
I was praying he won't see me but unfortunately he did. I heard my name called but I ignored it and keep moving. Then I heard footsteps running behind me so I stopped because there's point of running away now.
"What's the problem Mr.obsessive?". I asked him tapping my right foot while he was busy forming the comeback.
I caught few of his friends snickering at the name I have been calling him from all these years. I glared at his friends and their snickers turned into coughs then they started scrambling away leaving us alone.
"Good morning, Maddy". He said making me grit my teeth.
I hate the name he has given me when we were seven during a football match which he lost. He told me that I cheated and I become mad so from that day Brandon here started calling me Maddy, just to annoy me.
"I don't have time for your rubbish". With that said I turned back to the entrance of the main hall to go to my class.
He didn't stopped me because of the last bell ringing indicating that we would be late if we wasted the minute more.
Brandon Edwards is my childhood best friend and my only male friend. We went to same kindergarten but become buddies in first grade because of football. Other boys in the school are pretty scared of me because of the stunt I pulled in my sophomore year. Well I might have beaten the dangerous guy of senior year and made him expelled from the school.
I was bored in class as I have not many friends to make my boring day a fun day. All the boys are scared of me and stays away from me which is good. But girls are totally a different story. Few girls hate me because I'm "The Best Friend Of the Hottest Guy Of School" aka Brandon Edward. And any chances of being friend with girls in school ruined due to my sister's pranks on me and the rumors she spread about me being some psychopath.
I don't care...Why should I care?. It's not like I'm going to stay here all my life and I don't like crying over a spilt milk, it is useless and waste of time.
I walked in the direction of my locker to stuff my books and notes. Putting the code I pulled the locker open and dumped all the things in it. Shutting it I tried locking but it remained unlock.
I swore under my breath and tried locking my darn locker. From the day this thing is assigned to me, it never gets lock without taking much-needed force.
Suddenly a hand was placed above mine to shut the locker and with the combine force it locked making a small click noise. The hand was still above mine making me feel tingles in my body. Shrugging of the weird feelings of butterflies in the pit of my stomach, I turned around with the frown so I can give him the piece of my mind.
"You know damn well how much I hate when someone help me. If you have mind your own business I would have closed the locker on my own". I said glaring at my friend.
"Dear Maddy....I have been leaning on the wall for past five minutes watching you try shut this thing but you were quite unsuccessful. So being a kindhearted person I volunteered to help you". He replied and flung his arm on my shoulders.
My glare intensified at his overly friendly gesture but he ignored me by rolling his eyes then he dragged us to the parking lot.
"Why were you leaning on the wall and watching me struggling with the locker. Finally, turning into a creep after being diagnosed as obsessive?". I asked him sarcastically.
His lips twitched little at my question and removing his arm, he stopped walking when we reached in the school parking. The empty parking lot was a clear indication that again my precious 10 minutes were wasted on shutting the damn locker.
Taking out his keys, he unlocked the car while still standing far away from his car. "Technology these days".
I started walking to get the héll out from the creepy silent parking lot when I was pulled back by the straps of my bag.
"What? Now you're going to finally slit my throat and leave me here to die". I said in sarcastic tone while calming my beating heart at the sudden closeness of his body.
His presence behind me was emitting an unimaginable heat in this snowy weather. My breath hitched when I felt his hot breath behind my ears and lips moving.
"Sometimes I hate when you open this mouth of yours Madeline... At least don't joke about dying like this..ever". He said in his husky voice.
I felt a mist forming in my eyes at his warning. His this little serious comments always make me realize that someone care if I die or something bad happened to me.
Masking my feelings with the glare I turned to Brandon and said "Who said I was joking...Out of all people you know I don't make jokes".
"Shut up and come with me I'll drop you off your house on the way. I can see Delia isn't here to pick you up". He said rolling his eyes and didn't wait for me to even nod before dragging me to his car.
Opening the car door he pushed me inside and went to the other side to get in himself.
I hate when people boss me around, it's not in my nature just do whatever I'm instructed to do. But this rich, handsome, hot-headed, arrogant, obsessive, bas...
"Hey! Stop cursing me". Brandon said loudly while starting the car.
I turned to him wide-eyed "Did I said it aloud?". I asked him.
"No... But I heard you". He mumbled, giving a little race as he put the car in reverse in a style making car jump little with the movement.
My mouth was still hung open as I was again in shock at his ability to know almost everything running in my mind. From the time we were children he never cease to amaze by telling me what's going in my mind before I could tell him myself.
Except he's still oblivious to my biggest secret when he claims to know everything in my mind.
"Where's Laura?", I asked him glancing out from the window.
"She's out of town with her family. Her father forced her to tag with them". He said driving with the moderate speed.
I nodded my head and a silence stretched between us.
"Um....There's this soccer match in the Preston high school ground so I wanted to ask if you want to come and....".
"No...". I said interjecting him before he could finish his sentence. Because I know what he's going to say.
"But first hear me". He again tried saying but I stopped him with the gesture of my hand.
"No... I'm not going to play... you know I have stopped playing this stupid game from some time...So there's no way you can force me". I said with the harshness.
My house came into view and Brandon parked the car.
"Thanks for the ride". I said getting out of the car and shut the door.
I had taken few steps away from his car when I heard the sound of car door opening and someone getting out.
Turning around I saw Brandon standing with his football jersey in his hands.
"What?". I asked him with bewilderment.
"I was trying to say that if you would like to come, watch the game while wearing my jersey". He said giving me his jersey.
Taking it from him I glanced at his hopefully face and couldn't find a power to deny his small wish.
"Fine but don't expect me to cheer for you". I said turning around to go inside my house.
"We'll see about that". I heard him saying.
I smiled and unlocking the door I hurriedly got inside my house.
Leaning on the door I slid down on the floor. I sniff the jersey which wasn't smelling sweaty thank God. But it has my favorite smell in it, the smell of Brandon, he has this unique smell of sandalwood and mix with his personal body Cologne.
Putting the jersey on my face, I smelled it filling my senses with his smell.
Does it make me creepy?
Maybe, but I don't care. I just never wanted to forget this smell and I'm sure I never will.
Every time he gives me his jersey I do the same thing, I know it's crazy but I can't stop myself when it's the only possible way to feel him near me.
Before I could drown myself in depressing thoughts about my life I got up telling myself that it's not first time he asked me. He and I share the craziness about football while Laura always refuse to attend any of his matches. According to her the matches played in the morning is harmful for her sensitive skin and burned it while the evening matches are boring like she have better things to do.
When Laura refuses him he'll ask me to tag along with him so he could have some kind of support from the people he knows. Sometimes his sister Elena also accompany me.
Removing the jersey from my face I got up. Picking my bag I started walking upstairs to my room when I smelled the smoke.
Leaving the bag and jersey on the stairs I ran into the kitchen and coughed violently.
"Oh". I shouted running around wildly to find the damn fire extinguisher.
Brandon POV :
The instant my team was let out on the ground to play my eyes searched the bleachers for Madeline.
When I realized that she didn't come I felt the disappointment seeping in me.
I still have no idea why she suddenly stopped playing with me from last year. When She has been playing football with me from the first grade and love it.
One day after school when I went to her house to play football with her, she refused saying that she don't want to play football---ever again.
I was deeply hurt due to her antagonistic remark. After that I started noticing that she isn't acting like herself anymore, her tomboy self has evaporated, her way of dressing drastically changed from usual black and white color clothes into more of girly colors.
I told my mom about the Madeline sudden change of behavior, and she explained to me that the changes occurring in Madeline is normal as she's getting older and realizing that she's girl not a boy.
Few months after her fifteen birthday she was completely changed. She turned into a beautiful girl rather than looking like a boy who yet to have hit puberty.
But I know that---- even now that she has started acting like another girl of her age, she still loves playing and watching football. It was our thing, it was the reason why we developed the friendship in first place and later become best friends. And that's why I invite her to watch my all matches.
I usually ask Laura and Madeline both but Laura always refuse to come any of my matches by making petty excuses. It hurts me not have her when I need her but if Madeline come to my matches we would talk about my performance, and she would tease me about other girls who shamelessly flirts with me.
Laura and Madeline are friends with each other which is good for me. I'm saved from the worries of my best friend and the girl I'm dating getting along.
I had a crush on Laura in kindergarten and it never goes away. She's the girl I kissed on the very first day of kindergarten because somewhere in my mind I fell in love with her at the very first sight.
She's definitely beautiful and classy girl. Her oval face and big doe blue eyes makes her look enchanting. Her hair are straight, white blonde like a curtain of silk and I find myself more attractive towards her with each passing day.
Because of my feelings towards Laura I always try to act like someone who she would prefer to be. To impress her I wear fashionable clothes from her favorite brands because she doesn't appreciate anything local.
She's quite rich herself as she's the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Gonzalez. Her parents are the famous lawyers running their own firm successfully.
Last month with some courage in my system I finally man up and asked her out when we were having lunch in the school canteen with bunch of flowers and her favorite Hershey's chocolate which she did eat despite being extremely weighted conscious.
The whistle of the coach pulled me out from my train of thoughts making me aware of my surroundings.
Pushing my thoughts deep in somewhere my mind I ran to stand with other players.
When the game started I forgot everything and just played with my team-mates with one goal in head that today I need to win.
The game ended and my team won by beating our opponents with six goals which was an achievement. My eyes traveled over and over again on the bleachers in the hope that I might find her in one of the seat wearing my jersey and cheering for me with her smug smile. Instead of her I caught the sight of my father and mother sitting in the top seats with Elena and Eric.

After receiving trophy and taking few pictures with my friends I told them to have a party without me at which they showed their disappointment clearly by cursing at me for being the lazy a$$.
Taking the quick shower in one of the cubical and I changed into some jeans and jacket then went out in the parking lot to meet my family.
"Hi Dad and mom". I said when I reached to my dad's car where they were standing.
"Hi son". My dad said with the small smile while mom just pulled me in a hug.
She's really small like 5"3 while I'm on the other hand is 6 and that made her come only to my chest. So pulling me in a hug is more like me hugging her to my chest.
Eric also decided to join the hug and wiggled himself between us at which my mother giggled.
"Congrats bro". He said fist pumping with mine.
"Thanks bro". I replied ruffling his hairs little making him groan.
"Thanks for coming mom and dad but you shouldn't have come. The weather is too cold for sitting in open". I said glancing around for my little sister Elena.
"Yeah but it's worth it. You played so good and as well as other kids". My dad said patting my shoulder.
"But I cannot understand why didn't they rescheduled this match for another time if the weather wasn't favorable". My mother chime in and said.
"Mom the management was adamant on having this match today I don't know why? But I'm just glad we played and won". I said smiling.
"You are right". She said in agreement.
"Where's my baby sister dad?". I asked dad about Elena referring her as baby sister.
"She might be hiding in the car with the plan to scare you when you get inside". Dad said opening the back door of car where the pink fur ball was laying on the seat.
"What's this mom?". I said poking the fur when it suddenly started squirming and Elena poked out her face scaring the shit out of me.
I jumped back little making my parents laugh loudly.
"You little devil... You scared me". I said grabbing her and tickling. Her musical giggle filled the car.
"Mom why have you dressed her like a fur ball". I asked her whining.
"Well it's not my idea, she came it with her own". She said moving with her hands up in a surrendering style.
"Now get in the car we need to celebrate". My dad said ushering us in the car and taking my bag to drop it in the trunk.
When we were all settled in the car dad drove us to our favorite pizza place where we eat and had the family time.
We came back home and went our rooms to sleep.
I have been trying to sleep for one hour but I have no luck so far. Getting up from the bed I checked the time on phone which states that it's almost midnight. Slipping my cellphone in the pocket of my trousers I shrugged on my black hoodie and decided to take a small walk in the street.
After locking the door behind and dropping the keys in my pocket, I started walking on the street without any specific destination in my mind.
The night was chilly, cold like the ice. The neighborhood was dead silent and dark, the streets lamps were the only thing illuminating the path. No stars were shining in the sky making them appear like a black velvet draped over on the earth.
After ten minutes of wandering around like a homeless person I found myself standing across Madeline house staring at her window. The lights of her room was on indicating that she's still up.

Pulling out my phone I called her. After few rings she picked it up and said." Hi".
"Hi yourself. Come to your window". I said to her.
"My window?". She asked me. I can imagine a look of confusion on her lovely face at my sudden demand.
"Yes". I replied. Then I heard the scrape of chair like she's getting up from the chair.
After three seconds the window was slide open, and she was gazing out.
The window was long enough to provide me a view of her state. She was wearing a small jeans short and white off shoulder shirt which hung too low from the front and revealing a good amount her creamy skin. Her long blonde hair were falling down on her waist in ringlets. Her hazel color eyes were shining like they always do, like some orange and honey color crystal which amaze me. She was looking flawless even at this time of night staring at me like an angel from above heaven. Her delicate figure was leaning out from the window to have a better look of me. satin ball gown wedding dress
"Come out". I said on the phone which is still pressed to my ear.
I saw her pressing the phone on her ear again "What? At this time?". She asked me.
"Yeah and be sure to wear something warm". I said ending the call, confident enough that she's going to listen me.
When her eyes landed on me, she gave me the glare and went inside her room.
After five minutes she emerged out from her house clad in black trouser and grey hoodie which is definitely mine if my mind serves me right.
"Is this my hoodie?. The one I lost in the camp last year?". I asked her moving closer to see her face.
"No... No it's not yours. I bought it few months ago". She said stuffing her hands in the pocket of hoodie.
Moving little closer I said "Really? So why does it have a capital B at the back. Your name doesn't start with B".
Removing the hoodie from her head she glared at me and said "In the middle of the night you called me here to talk about your lost hoodie".
Pursing my lips I mumbled "No".
The silence fell between us.
"If you have nothing important to say Brandon then I'm going and you should too". She said ready to leave.
Moving little forward I captured her wrist to stop her from leaving.
"Why didn't you come to watch match?". I asked her still holding her slim wrist in my hand.
"Oh that". She said forming a cute O shape from her my mouth.
I nodded my head, and she continued "Well... When I went inside the house after you dropped me off. I smelled the smoke and found out that I forgot to shut the stove in the morning after making breakfast and few things in the kitchen caught the fire". She mumbled sheepishly.
"Are you alright? Were you hurt?". I asked her checking her face which looks clear from any injuries.
But then my eyes landed on her palms, they were swelled out and red with burns.
I traced them lightly with my fingers, and she flinched.
"I'm fine Brandon". She said snatching her hand from mine.
"You're mentally unstable if you call yourself fine when you've injury". I said feeling furious at her ignorance of her well-being.
Rolling her eyes at me she replied with the nonchalant tone "It's no big deal. I wasn't able to come because aunt Emma grounded me when she found out what happened. According to her I could have burn down the whole house".

"I think if she gives little attention to her house and stop being careless about her responsibility this wouldn't have happened in the first place. She's the reason of your suffering". I said with hatred towards her aunt. The scowl was etched on my face.
She's not like a mother figure at all, she's so careless and only lives for herself. It's beyond me how she took Madeline under her care after the death of her parents when she's not even responsible enough to run her house on her own.
"No Brandon it's my fault. She's not to blame here. I should've been careful and shut the stove". She said with her eyes downcast.
"Whatever. But the important thing is that she should take care of her house by herself instead of you. You're not their maid". I said to prove my point.
"Brandon I know you're right. But please stop dragging this profligate matter to prove your point". She said ending the argument.
"Now tell me why did you walked in the middle of the night to come here?". She asked me raising her brows.
I can't tell her that I had this unsettling feeling brewing inside me from the time I realized that she didn't come. Maybe as a friend I have some kind of connection with her which made me feel this way whenever she's in trouble.
So I told her the first lie came to my mind "I wanted some ideas for tomorrow about how should I ask Laura to be my girlfriend? I mean we have been going out for a month now. Don't you think we should make it official?".
The lazy smile appeared on her face and said "Why not? That's what you both want".
"You're her close friend what do you think. Will she say yes?". I asked her.
"I think she's going to say yes in a heartbeat because she likes you as much you like her". She replied with the reassuring smile.
"That's good it means there's no chance of getting embarrass tomorrow". I said with the relief.
"Nope... Not a chance if you ask her in right way". She said making me frown.
"And what's a right way?" I asked her staring at her face.
"The right way is you stand in front of her and stare right in her eyes.". She said closing a gap between us.
Then she stared in my eyes making me feeling something abnormal in my heart at the bare emotions in her eyes. My heart beat accelerated at the closeness of our bodies.
"I have been nursing this crush on you from kindergarten which later turned into something intense. Albeit we started our relationship as friends but it leads me where you become the most important person of my life. I couldn't spend a day without you anymore, without knowing that you're mine. So here I'm asking you to be mine forever". She said this all like recited script.
I felt like I have heard the same lines, same voice thousands of times in my dream.
Just for a tiny second my eyes moved to her plump lips that uttered those beautiful words out.
I gulped glancing at the beauty of her cherry red lips, they're made for kissing calling me like a siren.
My eyes must have given her some kind of hint what's going inside in my head.
Her breath hitched, blinking few times she took the several steps back.
"Tell her... Tell her this I'm sure she's going to say yes. It's pretty late I'm going back inside". She turned back and started walking.
I said "If I forget......".
"You're not going to forget it". She replied without looking at me and walked inside her house.
Her words played in my mind all the way to my house, even when I closed my eyes to sleep m, I would keep hearing her voice like a song in my ears. Subconsciously, I memorized them that night in my mind and heart.

-Brandon is currently 18
-Madeline is currently 17
-Laura is currently 17
They all are in their last year of high school.....