sequin bridesmaid wears with gold bling

I love making gifts for ppl .. so I made these adorable wine glasses for my NEW BOBO SQUAD BRIDESMAIDS yesterday!!
Each cup has Ben BLINGED OUT with gold n red glitter, each bridesmaids name crafted on each cup with glitter , a bridesmaid dress layout in my colors gold n wine .. accented with a bow around the waste!! sequin bridesmaid wears with gold bling
The back of the cups says BOBO BRIDESMAIDS SQUAD!!
I put home made chocolate dipped pretzels n chocolate dipped strawberries in each cup n a cute bow around the top of the bag!!
I'm super happy all the girls loved theirgifts... hmm now whatshould I do for Valentine day ? ? ? # KatherinesKreations85 # goodeatstoo # bobobridesmaids10282018 # 14girls