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Remember Cupid, the little dude with wings who carries a bow and arrow? Definitely needs a makeover. That's the conclusion of a discussion I took part in the other day.
This all got started with reminiscences about Valentine's Day. What was the sweetest thing that ever happened to you on Feb. 14? And what was the worst.
From there, we veered off to Cupid.

So what would a 2018 Cupid look like? Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

A modern Cupid would dress in red, drive a red convertible in the summer and a red PT cruiser in the winter. Cup wouldn't regularly wear the wings, but would keep them in the trunk for occasions when they would be just the right accessories.

She (or he) wouldn't use a bow and arrow, of course. That would be way too scary walking around downtown. Instead she'd use a laser pointer to put love into someone's heart.

Cupid would also be a computer whiz. She would be able to break into people's e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr accounts and improve the romantic content as needed.

So where might you see her in Iowa City? One place would be the greeting card section at White Rabbit. She'd be discreetly helping people pick out the right cards. You could also find Cupid at Java House, T'Spoons and other local coffeeshops discreetly aiming her pointer. Cupid would also station herself in the produce section at New Pioneer Co-op. A lot of romances start in produce with a squeeze of a grapefruit or a question about how to serve jicama. sexy mother of the bride dresses

That's as far as we got. We're still looking for more ideas on a 21st century Cupid. Add yours as a comment below.