sexy wedding dress

Erd catering and event planner (one stop wedding packages)
Catering - 6 menu
Steam white rice.
Drinks blue lemonade.
Dessert 2.
Soup presidential.
Catering utensils.(plates,highball glass,gobletes glass,fork spoon,bread knife,dessert glass complete,)
Round table with dress.
Complete tiffany chairs.
Buffet table with background skirting with elegant arrangement.
Food warmer complete roll up w/ spotlight.
Venue arrangement elegant.
Reception table w/ dress.
Cake table w/ dress.
Gift table w/ dress.
Red carpet.
Dove and cage.
Red wine toose wine.

Venue stylish - venue stylish we depend of your theme. Including complete fresh flower church entourage and venue entourage reception, bride and groom up to parent sponsor and bridesmaid, bridal car etc.. sexy wedding dress
Name standy.
Photo gallery.
Complete entrance and presidential table arrangement together catering team.

Photo and video - pre nup.magnetic album.
Signature frame.
Photo w/ frame.
Photo video on the day.
Windscreen avg projector.
Sound system and lights pog machine, bubble machine.
Photobooth digital shots unlimited.

Emcee/ hosting - to handle the program whole event. Also she cover to made the invitation.

Hair and make - bride ,groom,parents,bridesmaid, Maid of honor.flower girl.

Bridal car Chevrolet vintage car.
Cake 5 layer.
Free Roasted Chicken Ninong @ NINANG.

Total pax 350 = 450,000
Total pax 250 = 350,000
Total pax 200 = 300,000
Contact number (0905)165 9037 (0933) 162 0169.