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The day YOU die! Have you ever thought about it before?
The day you die, you won't have to do anything, People will gather to do everything for you! They will be there, taking off your clothes and bathing you And then wrapping your body with a shroud. Some will go around with heavy hearts Informing others that you're no more!!! Some will mourn over you. Some will comment "rest in peace."
Many will come to your funeral. Some will leave their work, and school just to be present. Some of these will be the same ones who never really cared Or thought of advising and showing you the right path. Many of these never cared to warn you of your sinful life...Many of which were even encouraging your life of sin while you were still alive on earth. They were the ones who told you that you're pretty and sexy, when actually you are dressed like a harlot. They never told you the truth because they didn't want you to get hurt, they told you you could dress anyhow that God only looks at the heart just because they never wanted you to be offended by the truth. But you thought these were the people that loved you when actually they were ENEMIES OF YOUR SOUL...They were the ones that never cared about you, what they always tell you is about their new girlfriend/boyfriend, how they are going to bribe the next lecturer or arrange for a mercenary who will help them during the exam, they won't give you money or food to eat when you are dying of hunger, but are always willing to take you to the beer parlour to drink, they are very eager to do things like this even when you never asked for it...They never cared about your soul. Yet, when you die, they are the ones who will be quick to write or comment " may his soul rest in peace." and they will say "i know he is in heaven, he has gone to be with the Lord, may his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord." They keep saying this even when they know that you never lived a holy life that pleased God. But no amount of their sweet prayers, wishes and sweet comments like "rest in peace" can actually change your destination; whether heaven or hell. Because after death, it is SEALED...The decision you made or failed to make while you were alive in your body will determine your eternity. No amount of wishes, decrees or prayers made by the pope or any prophet can change your destination after death. summer wedding guest dresses
On the other hand, there will be a few good ones who gave their best while you lived. You may never even notice it, because they don't do it for you to know and praise them. They cared for you, loved you, prayed for your soul, They were the ones who always talked to you about your life after death, the reality of heaven and hell. They are always on their knees begging God on your behalf. Staying awake at nights in prayers for the souls of the lost around them. You see this people and you look at them and say "friend you have become very thin, you don't eat anymore, you are not the one that started Christianity so why is your own different, are you sure you are okay?" they smile back at you and say, my friend all is well, i am okay...Perhaps maybe they even fast and pray for you always, for God to keep you, protect you and save your soul from destruction. You may never know. But you see them as people who hate you, just because they expose your sins and speak against your unrighteous living and warn you of the danger of hell.
They rebuked you of your unrighteousness, but perhaps you don't like this kind of persons but they are the best friends you can have while still breathing.
When you die, Some of your wealth will go to your family, Some might even go to loved ones and 'smart friends'. If you did good while bringing up your children, They'll pay off your debts, Otherwise, most of your belongings will be disposed Or nicely donated to charity. Your certificate, your degree, phd, Bsc, Msc, MBA,DR etc will become useless...All these degree you are dying to acquire even by unrighteous means like bribing the lecturer for marks, cheating in exam hall, sleeping with lecturer, arranging mercenary into the exam hall, would be useless because you will be forgotten after death. And then you end up in hell if you die in this state of iniquity.
Be sure of this one thing, This whole world WON'T be sad because you left. People can wear black on black and mourn, parade or rally because you left. They will mourn you for just some days...
And then life continues again, everyone forgetting that there was someone like you. Forgetting that you once lived. They will only remember you whenever they come across your photo or something that will remind them of you.
After your death, the world goes on...It won't stop because you have died, nobody will die because you died.
Nothing will stop, everything will continue, Just as normal as it is today and was yesterday!!!
"Just as a cloud dissipates and vanishes, those who die will not come back. They are gone forever from their home-- never to be seen again." (Job 7:9-10).
People who truly loved you will feel sorry. Close friends will be sad for some time, Family members will feel terrible for weeks, months or probably years. Then everyone is back to their normal lives And you'll be just a memory.
By then, no one will be worrying about you, You'll be left alone in your grave, Having nothing but your deeds, good or bad ones!!!
Truly speaking, many while you are still alive now don’t really care how you feel now, So how do you expect them to worry about you when you're far gone?
Is it these same people who care-less about life, body, soul and spirit You try your very best to please today?
Is it that your girlfriend who is sleeping around now that you are still alive that will miss you when you are gone to grave? My friend, don't be a fool!
So why are you pleasing people while you are rejecting the salvation of your soul? What is making you not to come to Jesus Christ and serve God genuinely so that you won't go to hell. Why are you painting your face like Jezebel to please men? Why are you fixing up those demonic materials on your body to look beautiful in the eyes of men? Why are you dressing seductively to please men's eyes, do you remember that your body is the temple of God and that God will destroy anyone that defiles His temple? Why do you adore the same body that will soon fade and turn to dust and why pleasing men that don't care a bit about you, why do you dress to expose your body, why do you wear skimpy clothes that reveals your contour, while have you joined the world to wear tights to seduce men and send them to hell,what do you gain from exposing your breast to the public as a lady? What do you gain from your constant display of photos on facebook? And all the boys are commenting "sexy" on you. You that have been washed and bought with the blood of Jesus Christ that should glorify God with her body. God forbid!!! Will the dead bother about these things that you want to kill yourself for now, will the dead be bothered about acquiring his results, grades or certificate by unscrupulous means? If you were dead now, would you be talking about arranging for mercenary for your next exam or bribing or sleeping with the lecturer for marks? What is an ordinary exam, grade or certificate compared to your soul that is everlasting which would either be in heaven forever or hell forever? Can the dead be bothered about his girlfriend/boyfriend? Would he be concerned about the latest hairstyle, and other worldliness introduced by Satan's agents? will the dead be concerned about the next reigning fashion? why do you care so much about your outward appearance...Ho
w is your relationship with God? Where is the position of your soul? Are you on the narrow road to heaven or on the broad way to hell...Only FEW are on the narrow road. Many are on the broad way to hell. Which of them are you? Have you asked yourself if GOD ALMIGHTY, YOUR CREATOR, the owner of your life is PLEASED or NOT? Or all you are concerned about is that your way of life pleases men..Please dear sister (and brothers), know what God is saying about you. He sees you as a prostitute just as HE saw Jezebel. Please repent today. Repent of your vanity. You may not believe this maybe because you have not heard it from your pastor before. Hear it today, vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. You should be concerned about your soul making heaven and not trying to acquire the most expensive accessories and dresses and worldly fashion which displeases God. The Standard of God's Holiness remains sure forever. It cannot be changed because of culture or modernization. Hear this Christians, you must be different and be separated from the world if you must be accepted by heaven after death... Friendship with the world is enmity with God...James 4:4, 1John 2:15-17
Dear friend, Why are you killing yourself for your sin partner(lover) who is betraying you while you are still alive now? And if he/she does this now, what would he/she do when you are gone forever. Oh! You still call it love. Don't be a fool!
Why do you please these people who don't care about you,
Even when it costs you sinning against your Creator, even when it costs you disobeying God who can cast you to HELL FIRE? Don't be a fool !!!
The day YOU die, you will be left alone for judgement, Heaven or Hell could be your permanent residence for eternity, Depending on how well you lived on earth.
Accept Jesus now! Love Him, walk in Him and with him! No one deserves to be pleased at the expense of God’s word. Not even yourself! The day you die, you’ll realise Death is never the end, It's just the real beginning!!!
Yes! The moment you die, you realise that DEATH IS NOT THE END OF LIFE, IT IS ACTUALLY THE TRUE AND REAL BEGINNING OF LIFE UNENDING; either in hell or in heaven forever.
When you die, your loved ones will wish you good, they would wish you to REST IN PEACE. But you won't hear all these things...Their wishes are not necessary anymore. Because "rest in peace" would not stop you from going to hell if you didn't live holy and righteous life that pleased God while you were still alive in your body... WITHOUT HOLINESS, NO ONE WILL SEE GOD!!!
This is not a message to condemn anyone.
This is an alarm, a call to alertness and vibrancy...It's a reminder to ME first, because honestly I came to realise many things I wasn't conscious of.
Dear friends, please be reminded that no one deserves anything that could make you sin and nothing worth it outside God, your creator!
What the rest of the world thinks or says is just a minority, it is nothing compared to what God thinks, so don’t let anyone intimate or influence you negatively!
Give yourself to pleasing God in all you do, let your academics, job, life and your association please God. My friends, i have seen that everything in life is vanity. The greatest thing in life is to have Jesus and be sure of your eternity in peace with God forever. Do not let death take you unnoticed. Be sure of your eternity before death. Remember our discussion today...WHAT HAPPENS THE DAY YOU DIE?
May God give you a heart to understand and obey His voice today without a hardening of the heart.
The Bible says:
"Just as a cloud dissipates and vanishes, those who die will not come back. They are gone forever from their home-- never to be seen again." (Job 7:9-10).
"And just as each person is destined to die once and after that comes judgment," (Hebrews 9:27).
"That's the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone's duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad." (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

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