vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length


SAME guy we are talking with my favourite floral jumpsuit pants! Remember how I mentioned that I never confronted him when I saw that very interesting text from other woman?! Remember how I chose to keep quiet?

Everyday, I learned to pretend that everything is okay. Starting my day by looking at the mirror, talk to the woman in front of me and say “that everything will be fine! It’s not what you think!

February 14 in FRASER ISLAND, While we were on the beach, he wrote a question in the sand “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I couldn’t believe what I am reading! He was like “ I NEED AN ANSWER BEFORE THE WAVE WASHES THOSE WRITINGS AWAY!!!” And in so much tears I answered back “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sabi ko sa sarili ko “See! Ito yong reward mo dahil hindi mo siya inaway. Hindi lahat ng akala totoo. Mahal nya talaga ako!
After getting engaged yon na yata ang pinakamasayang araw ko. Sooner or later ikalasal na ako. Heto na yon! Big step na bubuo na ako ng sarili kong family. As I get so much pressure kasi sa barkada ako na lng walang baby. Lahat na sila happily married and have kids not to mention ako pinaka eldest, nauunahan na ako ng mas nakakabata sakin. I’m always the bridesmaid! Always Ninang! Then that undying comments “oh kelan ka mag aasawa! Or oh kelan ka magkaka baby! “Sometimes it gets through your veins. Pero heto na mga beshy!!! This is it pansit!"

Gusto ko solemnise yet memorable and sweet wedding. Garden wedding gusto ko! I have announced the date sa mga close friends and family and they were all excited for me . Every day off ko is always on the wedding dress hunt down untill I found this simple White dress from Bardot, I know my size kaya di ko na sinukat.

We’ve been great till we decided to make my dream come true... time to BUILD THE VILLA! I asked for 6 months leave in my work! The construction was hell to the extent that it affects our relationship. He’s been cold and distant with me . I promised that we will restore our relationship after the construction. Took 7 months till the completion of the VILLA ! Lots of tears been shredded! Was it easy? NO! ITS FREAKING HELL! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Looking at the villa now... it’s all worth the hard work!

I’m back to oz , it’s time for my future husband...LOTS OF MAKE UP... I've been trying my best to make him emotionally attached with me but all I get is his coldness and distance! He gets so easily mad at me. I was begging for his love and attention but I got rejections. He will only communicate with me asking how the villa is. I give so much love where I make him so emotionally lazy toward me. The emptiness is killing me. Then one day I had the chance to check on his phone! I saw a lot, so much to break me in tears ? ? ? ?
He was so intimate with this woman he is working with. I saw the exchange of “I LOVE YOU” which I’ve been craving to hear from him.

Para akong pinatay ng libo libong beses! Lumapit ako sa kanya binigay yong phone, nakita nya na binasa ko messenger nya! Guess what? Siya pa galit bakit daw pakialamera ako! Guess what? Ako pa nag sorry! Guess what? Walang sampalan! Guess what? I took the ring off sabay sabi “It could fit her finger!" I packed my bag... no idea where to go, gusto ko lang talaga umalis! Umasa akong pipigilan nya ako! But he just watched me while I’m packing! Nag stay ako sa door for 10 seconds! Sabi ko sa isip ko "Pigilan mo naman ako please!!! Ang Gaga umasa sa last second! Pero mas nasaktan lang lalo kasi di deadma lang. Nilakbay ko yong daan na walang direction! Lahat ng traffic light green! Lakad ng lakad doon sa malayo sa kanya! Lahat blurry! Hanggang sa lahat na siguro ng car nag bubusina kasi kung magpapakamatay daw ako wag daw akong mangdamay at gawing criminal kung sino man ang makabangga sa akin! Napaupo na lng ako kung saan ako nakatayo niyakap ko yong tuhod ko at ayon, humagulhol na lang. vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

Then may tumapik sa akin. Familiar na perfume... amoy nya yon! I looked straight into his eyes then I asked “WHY”? He wiped my tears, then sabi nya “ Pasok sa car... DI DYAN ANG PAPUNTANG AIRPORT! Doon “ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Yes... pa kon swelo di bobo! Hinatid pa ako sa airport pauwing pinas!

Guys umuwi na kayo... may nanalo nah... akin na ang Korona! Korona ng pinakamalas sa pag -ibig. Touch down Philippines with SAWIANG PUSO.