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Oh how I wish I was that mini van mama again. How I wish we were going to t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading practice, hearing you sing at concerts, gymnastics, dance, swim class, scouts, Friday night football, sleepovers and all the parties you all had in our basement. wedding dresses for apple shape
How I wish my house was messy, going into their bedrooms to gather up all my glasses, plates, silverware and having to step over piles of clothes.
How I wish they were all here waiting to see what's for dinner. How I wish I still had my sleepless nights waiting up on them. How I wish I could see them getting ready for the prom.
How I wish I could see them on Christmas morning seeing what Santa brought.
How I wish I could still dress them up on Easter and hiding eggs.
How I wish I could be sitting between all of them at church and hoping they would behave.
Those days are gone, but my memories will never fade.
God blessed me with 3 wonderful children and even though one has become an angel, the love for my children is forever.
MPB 2-1-2018